Pole Enclosures and Covers

Pole Enclosures Pole covers come in a variety of colors and styles to meet your own style.

Because porches and decks sit out in the elements they are susceptible to the weather and vulnerable to rot.

While it is important to protect and seal the various elements of your porch, it is particularly important to protect your porch posts. You can find simple tubular post enclosures to seal the post as well as add some decorative design. Manufacturers have designed post enclosures of various materials, shapes, sizes, and designs. They serve as a veneer for the original post.

The tubular cover is usually made of multiple layers of materials. The layers are split vertically. A hinge is placed and reinforced with a sheet of material so the enclosure can be fastened around the post.

Most post enclosure systems are easy to install and spruce up the eyesore of wooden posts, support poles, or exposed pipes.

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