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Tip #1. How can foundation waterproofing solve water leak concerns in the basement?
Determining the source of water leaks is the key to eliminating water penetration concerns. Problems stem from above- and/or below-grade issues. Marking the source of the leak, leads to proper repair recommendations by waterproofing professionals. Water enters from many points that can be minimized and/or controlled. Find out the truth about water leaks in basements!
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During these days of plummeting home sales and resale value, many homeowners are opting to remodel and stay in their current homes. Here are the national averages for project costs and the return on those investments when the house is sold about a year later.

Project Cost
Amount Recouped
Bathroom Remodel$15,782.00
Minor Kitchen Remodel$18,527.00
Basement Remodel$61,303.00
Window Replacement (Vinyl)$9,770.00
Deck Addition (wood)$9,327.00
Attic Bedroom $47,919.00
Bathroom Addition$70,969.00
Backup Power Generator$11,410.00
Entry Door Replacement (steel)$1,137.00
Roof Replacement$18,488.00
These figures are according to the National Association of Realtors.

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