Pest Control

Choosing Professional Pest Control Services

Any home or business can be susceptible to pest infestations. Whether from wood-destroying insects, buzzing and crawling insects, or wildlife seeking shelter, a consultation from a professional pest control service may become necessary.

The most common entry points involve issues affecting foundation walls across wood in contact with the ground. Other entry points include concrete cracks and crevices in foundation walls, slabs, basement walls, the dry joint between the footing and foundation wall, utility penetrations, and through and behind foundation insulation.

Basement pests The high humidity and clutter makes an ideal home for all sorts of insects and other pests

Openings do not have to be very large to invite unwanted pests. Pests can get behind finishing material and find cracks and crevice entry points, such as siding, loose trim, window framing and sills, shingles, and brick ledges. These are most often sought out by rodents and some of the other wildlife that has become increasingly common with losses of their habitats from urban sprawl.


Detailed preventive measures for wood-destroying insects such as termites can be found in the RESIDENTIAL FOUNDATION INSULATION GUIDE FOR THE HOMEBUILDER AND HOMEOWNER. Insulation needs to be inspected at least annually to ensure against invasions by termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and furniture beetles, etcetera.

Integrative Pest Management services can offer many benefits in permanently getting rid of infestations. These trained professionals focus on identifying and resolving the initial concern, but they focus beyond that to provide a system for the customer to prevent any further concerns. Look for a professional that offers the following features for their services:


Nuisance wildlife requires patience because the process can take an average of one to four weeks. Any of the following may include live trapping and removal, exclusion, structural damage repair, relocation, harassment, and lethal trapping.

Insect infestations require diligence and many times a combination of baiting programs, conventional soil barrier treatments, borate wood treatments, and new home construction preventives.

Basement pests Pests and other insects from the basement will find their way upstairs.

There are other examples, but a sampling of techniques are featured below:

Whether a onetime, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual service visit frequency is needed, the professional you contact for an inspection should be able to propose the interval needed to prevent further infestations.

Methods will vary depending on the particular pest. Most insect infestations follow a geographic trend. However, rodent and wildlife invasions can vary within regions. Choose a professional pest control service that has well- rounded problem-solving capabilities.

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