Basement Floor Coatings

Epoxy or Hybrid Polymer Basement and Garage Floor Coatings

Both epoxy and hybrid polymer floor coating paints are designed with tough finishes that stand up to the heavy traffic of both commercial settings and residential garages. The floor coatings have been used for over the past 30 years in automobile repair shops, gas stations, industrial or manufacturing settings, retail and commerce buildings, and most recently in basements.


These floor coverings are ideal for use in basements because the previous commercial and residential garage applications were exposed to moisture saturation similar to basements. In fact, the temperatures and traffic in basements are actually less intense. The features of using these types of floor coatings include:

Epoxy floor coating Epoxy floor coatings are durable, attractive, and available in an almost unlimited colors and styles.


While epoxy floor coatings are still the most popular choice, the latest development is the introduction of hybrid polymer technology floor paint coatings. Depending on the application, hybrid polymer floor coatings can be the better option compared to epoxy floor coatings.

Depending upon weather conditions and ventilation, installation time can often be completed in one day and ready to use without restriction. Hybrid polymer coatings also offer UV resistance, superior abrasion and chemical resistance, longer-term durability, less maintenance, and better shine.

Whether the objective is concrete protection in your garage or looking for a durable and attractive flooring option in basements, homeowners will be pleased with the quality and ease of maintenance with either epoxy or hybrid polymer floor coating.

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