Basement Dehumidifiers

Saving Money with Low-Cost Features

Traditional dehumidifiers were used to lower and control indoor moisture levels. Dehumidifiers are typically installed in basements and crawl spaces as opposed to the main floor living space because these are the areas that tend to need the most moisture control. Up until recently, dehumidifiers were expensive to run, required daily maintenance, did not address ventilation and air exchange, repetitively recycled the same stale air, and some presented fire hazards.

Dehumidifiers are now available that have addressed the above weaknesses. Energy-efficient models are now available that are up to 90 percent less expensive. The energy cost savings average around $2 per month in electricity versus the average of $36 for the traditional dehumidifiers. At an approximate $400 per year operational cost reduction, it is well worth comparative shopping.


A good basement dehumidifier can insure proper humidity control and protect your basement and valuable investments

Review the benefits of having a dehumidifier, and there is no denying that the costs of buying and operating one far outweigh not having one in your home protection arsenal:

Improved Features

Warranties for the traditional humidifiers are very short-term, but now models can be found with up to 10-year warranties. Another benefit of these improved models is the capability of continuous air exchange. The improved air quality directly lowers the risks prevalent from moisture, mold, and condensation. Eliminating wood rot in window frames and sills, keeping moisture out of sheetrock, drywall, wood, and concrete can save unnecessary remodeling expenses. Features to look for in these newer models include the following:

For homeowners looking to take advantage of the features and benefits of the higher-efficiency and hassle-free models, it is time to do some comparison shopping. Your current dehumidifier could be costing you more money to operate each year than it would cost to replace!

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